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With our Best Rate Guarantee (BRG), you can make your booking experience on as quick, easy, secure as possible, and be confident that you are receiving the best rate available on the web – Guaranteed!

Official Best Price Guarantee

How it Works?

If you find a lower and bookable rate within 24 hours of your confirmed booking (direct booking only), submit a claim to us and we will match the lower rate and give you additional 10% reduction on that rate. Just submit a claim form below and or call us at +62 (361) 738738 (9 am – 5 pm (GMT+8), 7 days a week).

Why it matter to Book Direct?

  • Unbeatable Best Price!
    Get the best possible deal for your stay by book direct to hotel/villa. No middleman. No booking fees. We are NOT a booking agency. We sell our own rooms/villas, and price our own package. Best Price Guaranteed!

  • More Stay Options
    Need custom arrangement? special packages? or additional services during your stay? Just let us know.

  • Direct Customer Service
    No more hassle to get help. Direct contact with hotel/villa. You will handled directly by the authorized on-site personel (at the hotel/villa’s reservation center) who will help immediately with your booking. Reservation office hours: 9 AM – 5 PM (GMT+8).

  • Manage your bookings Online
    It’s easy and straightforward to cancel your booking Online, make changes, or send a direct request to the property.

How Best Rate Guarantee Works?

  • Make a booking on our official website.

  • If within 24 hours from the confirmed reservation date you find a comparable offer with lower and bookable online price, under the same conditions as those specified in Terms and Conditions, fill in the Best Price Guarantee Claim Form and send it to us with attached a “copy paste” of the web page which shows the lower price and the screenshot of the web page.

  • Within a maximum of 2 working days, you will receive a response from Astadala on behalf of Villa Seminyak Estate and Spa

  • After checking that the lower rate on the other website complies with the Terms and Conditions, Astadala will send to you confirmation of the new reservation by e-mail, with the lower rate and an extra 10% discount on this lower price. Example:

    • Your confirmed direct booking through this website: IDR 2.000.000
    • Bookable rate found on another site: IDR 1.800.000
    • Your final guaranteed rate: IDR 1.800.000 – 10% = IDR 1.620.000
  • If the application is not accepted by Astadala, as it doesn’t meet the necessary Terms and Conditions of our Best Rate Guarantee, Astadala will send you an e-mail justifying the answer.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The online rate found on another website is lower than the one you have previously confirmed through

  • The online rate found on another website needs to comply and comparable with the following conditions with regard to Astadala property booked best net rate:

    • same property
    • same room type and bed type
    • same dates of stay
    • same sales conditions such as; the cancellation conditions, payment conditions, minimum stay, inclusions.
    • same number of guests.
    • same currency
  • The compared net rates need to be inclusive of all taxes related to the room rate.

  • That lower rate must be bookable online.

  • Rates which will not be applicable for the Best Price Guarantee:

    • Negotiated rates, group rates, company rates, rates with availability on request.
    • Off-line rates or rates offered through systems different from the system(s) or method described in Terms of Service.
    • Discount rates offered to members of groups or individuals who meet previously-specified criteria, including members, seniors, government employees, or rewards members (if any).
    • Package rates that include the room and other components such as travel, car rental, entertainment, extra discounts and/or benefits, and/or non-breakfast meals.
    • Package or group add-on rates that extend the length of a stay.
    • Rates negotiated for stays extending beyond 30 nights.

When you can’t claim BRG?

  • You are not yet made a direct booking with us (through hotel’s official website reservation system).

  • You made a booking through 3rd party/online agents/travel agents.

  • The claim is more than 24 hours since you confirmed your reservation.

  • The claim did not comply with the BRG Terms and Conditions.

Best Rate Guarantee Claim

Please Note:
Before you submit a claim, please make sure that your case meet the Best Rate Guarantee Terms & Conditions as described above.

Also, as the rates you find in other online booking websites:

  • May display the AVERAGE daily rate within the selected staying period (as actual daily rates may vary).
  • May not display the full FINAL rate upfront (inclusive of taxes and other charges). For disclaimer, when you see rates followed with ‘++’ sign in our website it means not included 21% tax & service charge. You’ll get the total on the next step.
  • May display the LOWEST daily rate within the selected staying period (as actual daily rates may vary). For disclaimer, we also displaying the lowest rate within 30 days onward, but when after you select your dates, you will see the actual daily and or total rates.
  • May just for a different dates and or different room types (again, daily rates may vary. Make sure to compare and check end-to-end).

If none of above apply, please send as much as details in your claim. It will help us to verify and speed-up the verification process.

BRG Claim Form

Type your email address correctly to ensure it reach our mailbox. Example:

Enter your first and last name. Example: John C Doe

Type URL with http:// or https://

Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png. Max. file size: 2MB

Please be specific to describe your Best Rate Guarantee claim

By clicking submit button below, you are understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions of the Best Rate Guarantee above.

Official Best Price Guarantee
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